What is a Commercial Tract Specialist?

The Amazon Effect

Amazon has created the need for a Commercial Tract Specialist

In many ways the days of the power center are over. As such, property owners have increasingly turned larger (20-50 acre) parcels into a series of smaller parcels. These are then primarily sold to end-users, at least those that Amazon has not already put out of business. We call this the Amazon Effect.

What exactly is a Commercial Tract Specialist?

It is the Commercial Tract Specialist’s job to work along-side the property owner and the listing team in order to understand and analyze each parcel. This collaboration ensures that the parcel is marketed and utilized for the highest and best use. The benefit to the property owner is that the Specialist has done the research and is able to target the most appropriate national and regional tenants for the parcel. This results in a more timely and potentially valuable transaction.  Additionally, the Specialist works to align the tenant’s business and financial objectives, as well as real estate requirements with the best retail, office or industrial opportunity, resulting in a smoother transaction for both sides.

How does the Commercial Tract Specialist Add Value?

In order to do this the Specialist must have a good knowledge of the local and regional markets, in addition to a state, country and global trends and conditions. The Specialist needs to know which tenants are in the area, who is not and who should be.

A full analysis of the market is done including demographic analysis, GAAP studies and comps research.  The Commercial Tract Specialist can provide a cash flow analysis, NPV, occupancy and other financial reports so that the tenant has the power to make the best possible real estate decisions.

The Commercial Tract Specialist works with landlords in the community to build relationships and trust in order to pave the way for a smooth transaction.

The Commercial Tract Specialist works with the tenant to find the best possible site opportunity at the best value. Once the site is found the Specialist continues the process by working with the tenant on a strategy to negotiate the best possible due diligence period, price, terms, buildout and any other objectives that the tenant is looking for.

The Commercial Tract Specialist will assist with the full contract process from due diligence to close and will work to ensure the transaction is closed in a timely, seamless way.

The SVN Difference 

SVN Lotus operates within the SVN culture of unprecedented collaboration. It is at the heart of the culture, value, and practice. By collaborating with their clients and the greater SVN team, locally, regionally and nationally, SVN Lotus is able to expose and unlock value. Engaging the larger brokerage community ensures SVN Lotus clients’ properties receive the most exposure.

SVN Lotus’ services and advisement goals are to continually provide their clients clarity for informed decision making in commercial real estate.

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